Thursday, April 25, 2013

Post #100!

100 posts is really not a milestone in this day and age is it?

The Barry Roubaix Killer Gravel Road Race was cold. It was a great race though and I was a few minutes slower than last year so given the lack of training and the ice on the road I was fair chuffed. Did I mention that one of the competitors died and got brought back to life? Doctors claimed that the cold probably saved him. It was minus something something.

What next?
Sometime during March as I sat in my hotel room in China I got the bug to do a triathlon. That has been an event that has always intrigued me but not enough to get out and have a go. After a short search I discovered the XTERRA series which given a love for gravel, whether on bikes or in rally cars, I decided this would be a good fit. Training has begun and bloody hell is it hard work trying to fit swimming, cycling and running in during the week on top of work and two wee yins running around. Schedules result in 5am spin classes and 9pm lap swims. It would be nice to get out and ride but with the epic floods and snow we have seen in Michigan recently it's been somewhat tough. Running has not been too bad and with a few business trips to Georgia and Chicago I managed to squeeze some trail miles in.

Stay tuned to see what happens on June 16th!

On top of that, there is a new mountain bike event in Michigan in August called the X100. Yup, you guessed it, a 100 mile single day race on mountain bikes....(evil grin)

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