Monday, March 17, 2008

Yet more progress…

It’s been a tiring couple of weeks working on the Alba Rallysport WRX rally car, often working late into the night. Progress isn’t moving along as fast as I’d like and we’re about 2 weeks behind schedule. Little things like life and work always get in the way don’t they?After the cage was completed we labeled all the wiring harness connections before removing some of it for shell prep. It’s helpful to have a complete service shop manual on DVD. As this will be a production class car the wiring harness will be reinstalled. We wire wheeled the seam sealer and stitch welded all the major seams. We also removed the sound deadening material using dry ice (from your local Meijer!) and an electric scraper (sold by Bosch in Europe). Many people will tell you this is a nightmare task but it took two of us less than an hour. It’s handy when you have the right power tools! After test fitting the seats and steering wheel (making broom broom noises of course) we pulled them back out along with the tail lights and taped up all the areas that we didn’t want to paint. We used a lot of tape. This week, we’ll paint the entire interior with white enamel. Stay tuned.

Buffing seams with a Craftsman Professional 20v Lithium-Ion drill.