Monday, April 2, 2012

Barry Roubaix wrap up

I know this is a week late but the Barry Roubaix race was excellent. It really was a "Killer" race but standing on the start line 12hrs after de-planing from a 26hr trip back from China I couldn't wait to stretch my legs on the 36 mile gravel road course. It was quite something racing with 1500+ cyclists. Certainly the biggest race I've ever been in. I ended up 53rd in our class of 129! I'll take that given a year ago I wasn't able to ride 20 miles without aching let alone race 36. My personal goal was under 2hr 15mins and I made it with 7 minutes to spare so next year I'm gunning for under the 2 hr mark. The leaders were doing the course in 1hr 45mins. Amazing.

The weather had been unseasonably warm in Michigan for March, mid to high 20's Centigrade for two weeks while I was overseas. The day before the race we had torential rain so that changed the game for many who had been pre-riding the course in the two weeks up to the event. Race day was dull and overcast which wasn't a bad thing. Cool air, no sun to blind us. I was fine with that.

Overall, the course was great fun and I certainly had to draw on my mountain biking experience on the slick 2 track sections riding past fallen riders and nudging others who weren't quick moving quick enough. Rubbin' is racing as they say in the US! Wait, that's NASCAR racing. Oh well.

I think I have the bike racing bug again...

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