Sunday, November 13, 2011

WTF is Cyclocross?

For some strange reason I gave cyclocross racing a go this autumn. Cyclocross is very popular in Euroland where eons ago road racers started using it to stay fit during the winter. It's now it's own sport. Cyclocross is kind of like rallying whereby competitors race machines that aren't made for off-road use, off-road. I quite like it.

There is a great series of races in and around Grand Rapids run by I managed to get out to a few events and so far have had a pretty good time. Today sucked a little due to some pre-winter flu crap I have but it was still a good course. The courses are between 1-2 miles long usually so these are sprint type events where lap counts can be anywhere from 3-8. The general idea is to go hard and try not to throw up.

If you can ride a bike, it's worth coming out on a Sunday and giving it a go. The last event of this season is on November 27th.

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Frank Schmidt said...

Hey Dave, I like your post :-)