Thursday, August 12, 2010

Got in. Got out. Brought home prizes.

With a multi-national crack team of 3 we jumped the border into Canada and headed to Catchacoma for a short single day rally. With 2 pass recce on a wide, fast sweeping 8km road, what's not to like? We had a driver as a crew guy, a first timer in the silly seat and I hadn't been on gravel for 8 months. It could have gone terribly wrong. Surprisingly we maintained stage times in the 5m 20s range all day moving from a start position of 9th up into 4th and bringing home the PGT victory. Sufficed to say we were fair chuffed.
GCFR is a great wee event on a fun road organised by long time enthusiasts who have what it takes to execute a safe and reliable rally. I highly recommend it.

The video tells the rest of the story...

Photos by Keith Hamilton and Bruce. Video by Alba Rallysport.

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Angela said...

Wow, so I totally look stupid. I was really lost for words after my first stage EVER!!!! It was so awesome especially with David as driver and D back at service as our crew!