Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ice Ice Baby

Sno*Drift, Atlanta, MI. Round 1 of the 2010 Rally America championship. It was one hell of a rally. We entered the 2 day regional and crawled our way through the Michigan woods on a couple inches of clear ice. We slid and spun alot but avoided trees. We were up to 4th overall in the regional I think on Friday until we spun on an uphill in the Ranch stage, wedged the car across the road and when we jumped out to get a tow rope and triangle out Tammy slipped on the ice a couple of times eventually popping her knee to the point she couldn't stand. Don Conley and Vio showed up, tugged us free and I strapped Tammy back into the car and we completed the stage. Before the penultimate stage we packed Tammy's knee with some ice (plenty of that around) and pressed on through the last two stages to the final MTC.

The EMT's checked her out then we rushed her straight to the ER in Gaylord. Rally over, she was on crutches and meds. I wasn't too disappointed. The roads were slick and it was only a matter of time before I stuffed it into the trees anyway. Braking from 100mph on a crowned road of ice is a little hairy. I learnt alot and we should go back next year as it was the most challenging rally I've never finished!

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