Monday, September 7, 2009

BRS or Bust!

2008 was a great season despite crashing out on SS3 at Black River Stages, the final round of the Atlantic Rally Cup. This year we'll be back again with Jimmy Brandt calling the notes (I felt bad that he didn't get a proper run last year, because he doesn't do that many rallies!) and with a truck load of spares.
The car is just about ready and gravel testing is planned for this coming weekend. It's not been the year for events as we had planned. Although we snatched a 5th place OA and class win in Tennessee back in May, August saw the cancellation of Rally WV due to lack of entries. My trip to Scotland to compete in the Scottish Cross Country Championship last month was foiled by licensing issues so I'm really looking forward to making the trip to New York state in two weeks time.
With luck we'll finish and work pending (work has been nuts this year!) hopefully sneak another event in before the end of the year.
Owner of Team Illuminata Motorsport, Paul sits in the silly seat at a local track day. Photo by Josh Gant

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