Sunday, August 24, 2008

TIM/Alba Rallysport at Delta Imports

The 4th Annual 28th Street cruise in Grand Rapids was quite something this year. I don't think I've seen such a variety of cars on one street before. Cars ranging from American Muscle to British Classics, Custom Hotrods to Import Tuners; and the people, there were thousands of people. It was quite something.
We had the rally car on display at Delta Imports for most of the day where people stopped by so excited to talk rally and find out more about the car and the sport. We joined in the fun and took an hour to drive along 28th Street where we made a few heads turn. Naturally, it was the younger kids who connected with the car having seen similar versions on computer games or TV. It was pretty cool to have them run up to the side of the road and shout "Colin McRae Rally Car!" as we drove by. We handed out TIM stickers and postcards which made them smile even more. Who knows, perhaps we'll see some of those kids out stage rallying in 10 years. It was a great day.

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